PCB Repair Logs Metal Slug 5

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Metal Stug 5

Metal Slug 5
Marquee metal slug 5.jpg
Manufacturer SNK
Year 2000
PCB Image Reserved
Pin Out NeoGeo

Repairer: VectorGlow
Forum Thread: Metal Slug 5 (Jamma) PCB Repair

Symptom: Graphics corrupted, game plays okay
Cure: Despite replacing the two 62256 RAMs at RAM5 and RAM6 the fault remained. However, after MUCH hunting around with a powerful illuminated magnifier I found two extremely small nicks in a couple of tracks.

First the address line at pin one of the graphics ROM 268-C1 had been severed. Trouble is that this cut had caused the rest of the graphics ROMs to be missing that address line. Fixing that line sorted out the major graphics corruption but I was still left with assorted rogue pixels all over the display

They were caused by a minor cut to the line from pin 26 on the ROM 268-C2

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