PCB Repair Logs Moon Patrol (Bootleg)

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Moon Patrol (Bootleg)

Moon Patrol (Bootleg)
Marquee moon patrol.jpg
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Board 1

Repairer: Arcade King
Forum Thread: Moon Patrol (Bootleg) PCB Repair

Problem: Garbled foreground graphics, text and title screen. Turning voltage right down would bring most of it back.

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 1.jpg

Fix: The background, text and scrolling is handled by the bottom pcb marked MP-712D. Using the Schematics and a Scope I traced the problem back to a pair of 74ls173's @ 1D and 1E.

Problem: No sync
Fix: dead 74ls139 @ 2C on the CPU board MP-712B

Problem: No sound.
Fix: missing 1000uf 16v cap C21 and 3.579545 mhz crystal.

Problem: white blocks over moving sprites with horizontal lines through them.

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 2.png

Fix: Dead output of a 74ls08 @ 4D See pic 2


Board 2 (Blue bootleg)

Problem: Background layer is missing other than a green at the top and the red bottom layer. Layers do not move: game resets randomly.

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 2 1.jpg

Fix: Dead 74ls08 on the board labelled MP-712D which outputs all the background paralax scrolling data. Only pins 11, 12 and 13 get used 11 being the output. Fugitsu naturally

Board 3 (Green Bootleg)

Using good working set above I went through each layer and fix them.
Problem: Dead board, no clock on pin 6 of Z80
Fix. Output stuck high on 7417 @ L6 pin 12
Pic 4 and pic 5 show working input and output(inverted) on scope.
Problem: Blocky Graphics, program seems to be running but will crash after awhile.

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 3 1.jpg

Fix: Pin 15 stuck high on the bus transceiver 74ls245 @ 5m (Fujitsu)
Board now runs.
Problem: Character Sprites in wrong positions, buggy all the way to the right.

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 3 2.jpg

Fix: Dead output on 74ls139 pin 12 (Fujitsu) All other out puts stuck high.

Problem: 5 out of the 6 enemy ships missing from top of screen in demo but you can still see the enemy firing. Other symptoms: Buggy splits apart(half buggy at bottom of screen) when jumping rocks when going up hill, as board warms up some sprites are split apart.

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 3 3.jpg

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 3 4.jpg

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 3 5.jpg

Fix: Bad 2114 ram @ K7
Other notes.
I must have raided this board at some point for the 32 and 256 bit proms @ 1F and 2H and a AY3-8910 on the sound board. All missing parts replaced with new ones. The high score save mod is based on the williams set so I reprogrammed my blue board to suit. Just a matter of reprogramming 6 roms and 1 prom.

Pcb repair moon patrol bootleg 3 6.jpg

And of course this is how all Moon Patrol's should look

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