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Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder
Marquee rolling thunder.jpg
Manufacturer Namco
Year 1986
PCB Image Rolling Thunder PCB
Pin Out Jamma

Repairer: Womble
Forum Thread: Rolling Thunder PCB Repair

Picked up a slightly faulty Rolling Thunder board last week...

Pcb repair rolling thunder 1.jpg

...on the basis that all that was wrong with it was that it was missing the gunshot sounds. Actually it was missing the shots, the "argh" hit sounds and the laugh, basically all the samples.

The fault on this one was easy to spot, the audio PCB is a daughter-board and stands proud of the main PCB...

Pcb repair rolling thunder 2.jpg

...and every single capacitor on the board had been wrenched to one side, basically the board had been squashed flat at some stage and the caps had buckled.

Pcb repair rolling thunder 3.jpg

Some were not too bad looking but the fat bit at the top of the leg is the start of the plate and should not be outside the cap, the fact it was outside meant it had been ripped from the caps innards...

Pcb repair rolling thunder 4.jpg

but some were downright ugly...

Pcb repair rolling thunder 5.jpg

It was simple case of replacing all the smashed caps...

Pcb repair rolling thunder 6.jpg

... reinstalling the daughter board and powering up.

Pcb repair rolling thunder 7.jpg

All sound effects were back working again, not that the above photo helps much with that statement, you are just gonna have to take my word for it

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