PCB Repair Logs Vulcan Venture

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Vulcan Venture

Vulcan Venture
Marquee vulcan venture.jpg
Manufacturer Konami
Year 1988
PCB Image Reserved
Pin Out Jamma

Repairer: VectorGlow
Forum Thread: Vulcan Venture PCB Repair

Symptom: Boardset won’t boot, just resetting
Cure: No outputs on the LS32 at location 1K on the top board – replaced IC

Symptom: Boardset constantly resetting
Cure: No input on address line four on the main program ROMs – bad LS244 at location 6L on the top board – replaced IC

Symptom: Board boots and there’s video sync, but approx once every 13 seconds it reboots
Diagnosis: Seemed like it was running the diagnostics but something preventing video output and obviously then failing some tests
Cure: Bad LS244 at location A4 on the board board – replaced IC

Symptom: Vertical grey lines through many sprites
Cure: Bad LS244 at location E23 on the bottom board – replaced IC

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